I take pride in providing the best possible service whenever I can. If you are EVER unhappy with one of my prints or originals, please return it in an undamaged condition with your receipt within 30 days of when the item arrived on your doorstep, and I will refund the FULL purchase price of that receipt, or you can trade it in for a different item of the same or less value.

Anytime. No questions asked.

Damaged during shipping? No problem.

If the item was damaged during shipping, please take photographs and send them to me, using https://wetransfer.com*, to service@soniawilkinsonart.com. I’ll take a look, will forward to the shipping company I used if necessary. I will make sure you are compensated or will replace the item with no strings attached.

Please visit my Returns page for details.

Why? Why not?!

I want my customers to be happy and to want to come back. Simple as that.

This includes those you gave the item to

If you give someone one of my prints or originals and they’d rather have a different one, all they have to do is contact me and I’ll replace it with something they do want! That way YOU don’t have to worry about giving the perfect gift!

I’d be crazy(er) NOT to offer it!

Call me with any questions, or refer to my returns policy.



* WeTransfer.com is a very simple to use image transfer website service. What’s great is they have a 2 Gb limit (one can send a lot of images and stay within that limit). I’ve been using them for years and have found the service to be very reliable and using it protects me from unwanted viruses. I would greatly appreciate your using it but if you do prefer not to use it, please do let me know. I’m sure you and I can find another way to get your “damaged goods” images to me. Remember, I want you to be super happy with my service!