Creative Influence

36" x 24" | Original Painting

I dedicate this painting to my fellow creatives! There was a time when I had a hard time justifying creating “pretty things”. That is until I had a conversation with a nurse some years ago. I had just met this woman, a friend of a friend, and upon learning of her career I said how much I admire those in emergency, healthcare, and teaching careers because of how important their work is. I had observed how my making things look nice (I was a graphic designer at the time) wasn’t exactly a necessary thing. This nurse was quick to reply that art is very much needed… for joy! If there isn’t joy in our lives, what’s the point? A close tie to the age old line “without music, life would be a mistake”. This piece is meant as a reminder to all of us creatives that our role IS so very influential and very much needed.

In this acrylic painting, the direction of the eyes is intentional. 9 eyes look to the left, to the logical side of the brain. 1 eye looks to the right, to the creative side of the brain.

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