Creative Influence

36" x 24" | Original Painting

CAD $ 2,000

This is a painting I dedicate to my fellow artists! There was a time when I had a hard time justifying creating “pretty things”. That is until I had a conversation with a nurse. I had just met this woman, a friend of a friend, and upon learning of her career I said how much I admire those in emergency, healthcare, and teaching (to name a few) positions because of how important their work is. I commented how my making things pretty (I was a graphic designer at the time) wasn't exactly a necessary thing. This nurse quickly replied that art is very much needed… for pleasure! If there isn't pleasure, what's the point? You could say it follows along the age old line “without music, life would be a mistake”. I now believe in including art to Friedrich Nietzsche's quote.

In this acrylic painting, the direction of the eyes is intentional. 9 eyes look to the left, to the logical side of the brain. 1 eye looks to the right, to the creative side of the brain.


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