Head Spin

Giclées (prints) in various sizes

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Anyone who has experienced a morning after the night before will understand why I think of this as Head Spin. Not that I've ever experienced that personally!

One evening, as I was relaxing with a glass of wine water and a pencil, I felt like playing with adding circles to those crazy eyes and see where it would take me. So much of what I do follows a path of “what would happen if…”. The result also reminds me of the crazy life we lead and how our brains are so over-active all the time – at least mine is. How would you describe this image?

Head Spin was created using muted, industrial-style colours with bold, curved black lines. The piece continues the Expressions Series, this time using circles as a starting point. Cubism and Art Deco inspired, this is another graphic, abstract look for a humorous portrait. A contemporary acrylic painting bringing a touch of humor to any wall.

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