Prints on Metal

Dyes are infused directly into a specially coated metal resulting in prints that have outstanding image clarity and vibrancy, with exceptional detail and resolution. These metal digital prints are extremely durable, are scratch resistant and have the longest fade resistance on the market. A heat press is used to sublimate the printing on metal with highly accurate colour reproduction. With unrivaled resolution, metal prints are simply astonishing! When using the gloss finish, and when light is shines near or onto the artwork, the image positively glows and becomes a dramatic colour explosion.

Metal prints are what I consider a highly modern look and is great for an “Industrial” style. The metal has a wood frame attached on the back that raises the picture off the wall. The result is an image that looks like it floats: very elegant and clean-lined.


  • The “dye sublimation” process infuses the image directly INTO a specially coated, precision cut, high quality aluminum sheet.
  • The result is a high-definition aluminum panel.
  • The ultra-durable surface is scratch resistant, is water resistant and fade resistant.
  • Every image becomes a vibrant work of art.
  • The frameless hanging has a modern, avant-garde appeal. The wood frame underneath is placed away from the edge resulting in a raised, “floating” effect that is highly modern, but suits many interior design styles.
  • Ready to hang, straight out of the box!

Finish Options:

You have a choice between a matte finish (no reflections) or gloss (highly reflective). I personally love the gloss version for the “glow” effect when light is shone on the surface. It brings out the richness and contrast of the image. You may prefer, however, the matte version since it prevents the “mirrored” effect (a reflection of the room it’s in, including yourself when you look at it) so all you see is the image itself. Matte has a more “flat” look, if you will.