Lundy’s Lane Utility Boxes


Utility Boxes, with Personality

What a great way to turn something that tries to sit quietly and not be noticed into something that adds to the vibrant community. I was so thrilled, thanks to the fine folks at Niagara Falls Arts & Culture Committee, to have the opportunity to create art for utility boxes (11 of them!!!) that reside along Lundy's Lane in Niagara Falls, Ontario. My home town.

The originals lovingly hand-painted

Installed in September of 2019. This art went on quite a journey to be what you see now. I submitted ideas in Spring of 2018 and was then one of four given the opportunity to submit proposed art. At first those of us chosen were asked for just one image to be used in different ways to make each of the 11 boxes (44 sides + 11 tops) visually different from each other. As you can imagine, this was quite a challenge!!

Good thing I live for challenges!

In August, 2018, I was given word I got the contract. I believe I squealed, but don't hold that against, me! Let's just say I was super thrilled to have this opportunity. I decided to create several paintings - 10 total - and with those I digitally created different versions in an array of bright colours that I personally feel reflect the fabulous diverse culture that Niagara Falls has to offer. Throughout my career as a graphic designer, colour had always been my -thing-. This project just begged to have colour! Being a visually busy street, I wanted to keep the art simple, but eye-catching. The straight lines compliment the architecture. The curves give them appeal (in my opinion). And the colours, I feel, bring life to the images.

When we humans gather together, we each bring with us our personalities, thoughts, experiences, and culture. When we share these beautiful pieces of ourselves with each other we can learn so much and experience often magical moments that can affect us for a long time. Possibly even change us, for the better. Colours, when brought together, can have the same impact. For each box, I brought colours together, much like when people get together, and the result, I feel, is a bright and fun image that I feel has the same magic.

THANK YOU, Niagara! I love this city. I truly hope the Niagara Falls local community and visitors alike enjoy what I created. This is for you!