I believe strongly in helping others, any way I can. Giving back to the community is part of that. When I heard of a group that gets no contributions from the government, and could really do with some help, I felt moved to contribute to this cause. So it is with great pleasure that I give 5% of my part of most sales to The Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada*.

This group is highly regarded and approximately 91% of the money collected goes to research and programs to help the families affected with this challenging syndrome. Here is some great information on Fragile X:

Also, check out this cool movie about a man with Fragile X on a mission to see Lars Ulrich of Metallica: Youtube Video (Movie Trailer). This movie is currently available on Amazon Prime.

"Technical but totally explains it" information is here: YouTube Video.

Donations can be given here: Fragile X Donation Page.

* The only time I will not contribute to Fragile X is when I am participating in an event or exhibit where donations are being collected for another cause (a recent one being The Breast Cancer Society of Canada as part of a group Art Exhibition in Toronto). When a painting is sold through a gallery, 10% is taken off my part of the sale only, not the part the Gallery takes. Finally, I will gladly give you credit for the donation, which means you will get the tax receipt for your donation.