Artist’s Statement

I find it intoxicating that with the use of colour, lines, shapes, and texture, to name a few, I have the power to create an image that is fun, sophisticated, exciting, calm, cheeky, elegant. It will never get old to me that even a small change to a colour or line, for example, can result in a completely different mood or meaning. And despite being quite weird at times, these images remain recognizably human, moving me, and hopefully others, to imagine what the face is saying. It’s funny, really. Funny and fascinating!!

Almost the best part of creating art, for me, is when someone looks at my art and sees something very different from what I see. I feel successful when people are moved to decide for themselves what the meaning or feeling is. I don’t want these quirky faces to be about what I see or intend people to “get”. I want people to look at these faces and make discoveries for themselves. It ends up being a whole other level of story about each painting. First it’s the story of the creation. Then it’s the story of what I think. And then the finale is the story of what others think. Such an adventure!

Before deciding to be an artist, I was a graphic designer and I was happiest when I was able to do something different on a regular basis. I am delighted to have found a way, with my art, to play and experiment while keeping to a cohesive art series. I look forward to stretching those images to include more details, stories, textures, patterns, and layers, although I do really like the elegance of a minimal and simple layout. It’s going to be a lot of fun seeing how this will all turn out.