Peculiar Art for this Mad World

For me, being silly and laughing helps me tolerate the crazy things that happen on this planet. The result can be a little weird, and I’m okay with that! I embrace my weirdness by creating art that is at times silly, fun, and kind of peculiar. And I want my paintings to give others permission to be weird and silly, too. It’s time we laugh a bit more.

Art that follows decades of graphic design experience. Results that make you wonder what the hell I was thinking! I’m Sonia Wilkinson, and I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. I play with colour, lines, and texture, and the results are made to last for centuries. You can read more about me here. And feel free to reach out to me here any time with any question you might have!

On to the Weird and Wonderful…

Original Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

Sonia Wilkinson with her Original Paintings | Acrylics on Canvas

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